Promotional Social Posts

Social Media Promotion Samples

Use these examples for quick promotion of your Alumni Community. The most successful customers promote the app frequently and use images and branding to catch reader's eyes. 

Facebook Posts

Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon: The EverTrue networking app for [organization name] alumni! You’ll be able to network exclusively with [organization name] alums right from the palm of your hand. The app will launch in a few weeks, but you can find more information here: [paste link to landing page] [include screenshot]
Launch Day
  • [organization name] has launched a new mobile alumni app! Now you can connect with classmates and get [organization name] updates, all on your Apple or Android smartphone. Download it today! [paste link here] [include screenshot]
  • [organization name] alums can now connect through EverTrue, an alumni mobile app! You can connect with graduates from your hometown or around the world—search for alums by industry, class year, and more. Get updates on everything [organization name]—download it today from the iTunes or Google Play store! [paste link here] [include screenshot]
Celebrate Launch
  • Thanks to everyone who downloaded the EverTrue app yesterday! If you haven’t, here’s the download link: [paste link here] [include screenshot of new user]
  • Did you know that 70% of jobs are found through networking? The EverTrue app can help you automatically connect with other [organization name] people in your area. [paste link here] [include screenshot]
  • EverTrue is the easiest way for [organization name] graduates to find fellow alums from their class year, industry, or location—and it’s available for both Android and iOS. [paste link here] [include screenshot]
Periodic Posts
  • The [organization name] community on the EverTrue app is 100% exclusive to [organization name], which means you’ll never again have to sift through a huge list of search results when you’re looking for a classmate. [paste link here] [include screenshot]
  • EverTrue tip: want to see only the [organization name] alums who work for a certain company? Go to ‘Directory’ in the menu and then press the filter button in the upper right to bring up advanced search features. Networking has never been easier! [paste link here] [include screenshot]
  • Can’t make it to Reunion this weekend? Reconnect with [organization name] and your classmates through our alumni mobile app. [link to download] [include screenshot]
  • Graduate with [organization name]'s gift to you—our alumni mobile app [link to download]! Keep your connections long after graduation—with [app name], your [organization name] network will always be in the palm of your hand. [include screenshot]

Tweet Samples

  • With @EverTrue, you can search for [organization name] alums by industry, company, location, and much more [download link]
  • Today’s the launch day for the [organization name] alumni community on the @EverTrue app! It’s the easiest way to stay connected! [download link]
Career Networking
  • Looking for a new gig this fall? Discover [organization name] alumni in your profession who live nearby with our @EverTrue alumni app [download link]
  • 70% of jobs come from networking. Have you tried our @EverTrue community app? [download link]
  • With @EverTrue, the [organization name] alumni community  is  displayed on an interactive map or an easy-to-search directory. [download link]
  • Tired of searching forever to find that one old [organization name] classmate? @EverTrue makes it easy. [download link]
Staying Connected
  • Homecoming weekend is approaching quickly. Wondering what your teammates are up to these days? Connect through @EverTrue! [download link]
  • New in town and looking to meet alums? See where they live nearby with our community app [download link]
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