Session Management

In this day and age, we all have multiple devices at our disposal - from your laptop to your work desktop or your iPhone and iPad. Let's say during work hours you've logged into EverTrue from your desktop, but after hours you hit the road to meet with a donor and quickly login to the mobile app for an update on their recent giving. At any given time you could be logged into EverTrue in multiple places, across several devices. 

But what happens when your phone is stolen or your laptop is misplaced? Don't worry! With EverTrue's session management feature, you can log out of any device with just the click of a button. Simply log in via the web, head to  Settings >> Security, scroll down to "Active Sessions" and sign out from the device. It is that easy!

The great thing about this feature is that you can continue using EverTrue without any delays. No need to de-active your account for cases like this. 

Note: Session management is controlled by the users themselves. Admins/Owners of an EverTrue account will not be able to access or manage a user's sessions.