Viewing LinkedIn in EverTrue

Once a LinkedIn connection has been made to a constituent, whether  automatically or manually, you'll be able to view their LinkedIn career and location data in EverTrue. With that connection, we also provide you the link to their LinkedIn profile for further viewing.

Viewing LinkedIn data in EverTrue is completely anonymous. LinkedIn users will  not be able to see that you are viewing their profile in any way. You are under EverTrue's cover!

However, if you choose to "View on LinkedIn" and go to their LinkedIn URL, you are under LinkedIn's Terms of Service and will no longer be viewing anonymously (unless you have enabled private viewing - see ProTip below).

Additionally, when  matching a LinkedIn profile, if you choose to search on LinkedIn and view a profile that way, you are no longer covered by EverTrue and LinkedIn's rules apply. 

ProTip: You can set your LinkedIn viewing to private by going to Settings & Privacy >> Privacy >> Profile Viewing Options, and choosing "Private Mode." However, in selecting to be anonymous when viewing in LinkedIn, you will disable Who's Viewed Your Profile and your viewer history gets erased.

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