Unmatching LinkedIn or Facebook

In some cases, you may need to unmatch a constituent from a social profile because they've been  matched incorrectly. To do this, on any matched profile you will see the option to un-match the constituent (from either LinkedIn or Facebook) in the "Actions" dropdown menu. Additionally, you can click on either social icon next to their name to open up a menu with the option to "unmatch."

Once a constituent has been unmatched from a social profile, EverTrue will never automatically re-match them to that same profile. However, we may attempt to re-match the constituent to another profile if a new email is recognized. Additionally, a manual match to any social profile, either new or the same, can be made. This new match will stay intact, even after another data import. 

For information on how to match or re-match, click  here for LinkedIn and here for Facebook!

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