Incorrect LinkedIn Profile Matches

Occasionally, a constituent can be incorrectly matched to a LinkedIn profile. This incorrect LinkedIn match typically occurs when the constituent's record contains an email addresses that is associated with a LinkedIn profile that does not belong to the constituent. 

This most commonly happens with spouses who share the same email address. For example, a husband and wife may share an email address, which appears on both of their records in your database. Upon importing to EverTrue, where we only allow an email address to appear once in our platform, the email gets associated with the husband's record instead of the wife's record. However, the wife uses said email for her LinkedIn profile. This would result in the wife's LinkedIn profile being matched to the husband's EverTrue record.

The incorrect match could also be a result of incorrect data being delivered to EverTrue. Double check that the emails listed on the constituent's profile do in fact correspond to them. If something looks off, start by checking the file being delivered to EverTrue. 

If you believe an incorrect match has been made, learn how to manually un-match that LinkedIn profile here

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