Setup: Relationship Management

After working with EverTrue to enable and ingest the data necessary to power EverTrue's relationship management features, there are a few remaining pieces of setup that we need your help with! 

My Portfolio

To ensure a successful launch of My Portfolio, we first need all of your fundraisers logged into EverTrue. Click  here for more information on sending them their invitation. Once invited and logged in, any Owner (aka Admin) of your institution's EverTrue account can complete the following...

Connect User to Solicitor ID
  1. Go to Settings >> Manage Team
  2. Under the "User Solicitor ID," link every user who has an associated portfolio to their correct Solicitor ID using the provided link and dropdown menu. (If you do not see the associated solicitor you are looking for, contact for assistance.)  
  3. Head over to My Portfolio and see the results.  If you do not have a portfolio yourself, you can use the name drop-down menu in the upper-left corner to toggle between different portfolios. 
Setup Prospect Stage Order

Every institution has unique prospect stages, which we let you define in EverTrue. The stage order can be setup in My Portfolio directly. 

  1. When setting up for the first time, an EverTrue Owner (aka Admin) will see a "Set Prospect Stage Order" button in the middle of the landing page for My Portfolio. 
  2. Click "Set Prospect Stage Order" to set the order for your institution by dragging and dropping the available stages. Stages are ordered top to bottom in the right-side column of the pop-up screen.  (Note that all stages in EverTrue come from the imported data via the institution's constituent file. If you do not see a stage you're looking for, first make sure that the stage is being imported to EverTrue.)
  3. If the stage order has already been set but needs to be adjusted, any Owner can go to My Portfolio, click the Actions drop-down menu in the upper-right corner, and select "Edit Stage Order."

My Team 

My Team uses data from both your files and EverTrue to generate the provided reports. Currently, there is only one small piece of setup that you need to know about...

  • Under the "Visit Interactions" report you'll see a Settings (gear) icon, in the upper-right corner.  Use this to set which types of interactions should be included as a "visit". For example, both Meeting and Event could be considered a visit at your institution. 

My Trips

Good news - My Trips does not currently require any setup. You can start using it right away!

Interaction and Assignment Writing

If your organization will be enabling the ability to write interactions and/or assignment and prospect stages in EverTrue, please contact your implementation specialist or for assistance. Your Customer Success Manager is also a great resource!

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