List vs. Saved Search

You may be wondering...what is the difference between a list and a saved search in EverTrue? While they both store a set of constituents, one key difference sets them apart!

Lists - Lists are a static set of constituents that you have curated. Constituents must be added to a list manually by a user (either yourself or a list collaborator). For more information on lists, click here.

Use Case: Lists are meant for direct action on a group of people. Whether for a visit, solicitation, or event invitation, Lists help you keep track of a specific group of constituents.

Saved Search - Saved Searches are a dynamic set of constituents based on a saved set of filters (which you determine). This set is constantly changing to match your filter criteria. For more information on saved searches, click here.

Use Case: Saved searches are a way to have EverTrue work for you, notifying you when folks meet your desired filters. Check out additional use cases from our customers in this article.