Saved Search Notifications

Notifications for Saved Searches 

Whenever a new constituent meets your saved search criteria, you have the option to opt-in to receive either an email notification, a push notification, or both from EverTrue.

For example, if you save a search for Engaged Prospects in Boston and a constituent likes a Facebook post for the first time or his/her address updates to Boston, you will receive a notification for that new match.

To access your notification settings, click on the Saved Searches tab on the left navigation.  Here you can see all of your Saved Searches and manage your notification settings for each search individually. If you see EverTrue's Suggested Searches list, then you have not saved any yet. 

Email Updates of New Matches

When you choose to receive email updates, you can set the notification to go out daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly. You can also decide to opt-out of these emails entirely. (Same goes for Mobile Notifications.)

Each summary email will highlight a selection of the constituents who now match your search criteria, with a link to view their profiles directly in EverTrue, and a link to view all results.

A search that includes more dynamic data, such as Facebook engagements, will result in more frequent updates. If your organization automates data updates, you can also utilize saved searches to keep track of your prospects with new gifts!

For any trips or major events, simply set up a Saved Search with the desired location and any other important criteria (such as Giving History filters or Donor Status), and we will do the work of alerting you to updates throughout the year!

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