Saved Searches

Saved Searches (formerly known as Segments) are a great way to avoid re-running the same query to look for newly matched constituents over & over again. If you find yourself running the same filter set on multiple occasions, why not save the search and save time? EverTrue will then do the work of notifying you if any new matches surface!

Suggested Searches

If you don't know where to begin, EverTrue has compiled a list of saved searches that may be helpful for you to start using the tool. When you first click on the 'Saved Searches' tab in the left-hand nav bar, you will see the following suggested searches for you and your teammates. You can also check out this article for additional use cases, from our customers!

How to add a new Saved Search

When searching for a specific constituency within your institution, there is flexibility in the number of filters in which you may elect to include. You can limit the search to one or layer filters upon each other to find constituents who apply to all selected attributes.

Once you have identified a query that you would like to regularly track, you will have the ability to 'Save Search Criteria' under the 'Actions' dropdown in the top right hand corner of your screen.