Create and View Lists

Create a List

You can add constituents to a list in three ways:

  1. By going to the "Lists" tab and creating a new list
  2. By running a search and using the "Add to" button
  3. By adding a constituent to a list directly from their constituent profile

Using the Lists Tab

To create a new list or view a current list, head to the "Lists" tab on the lefthand navigation bar. 

Here, you can view lists and add collaborators, or, create a brand new list. 

Using the 'Add to' Button

You can also add constituents from any search to a list by clicking the 'Add to' button. Once you've set your filters and conducted your search, use the check box to the left of your constituent's name (or, click the checkbox next to 'Add to' to select all 50 people on the first page). 

Click the 'Add to' dropdown and select a list (or create a new one) for these constituents.

Adding a Constituent From Their Profile

Similarly, on any constituent profile you can use the Actions drop-down menu to Add constituent to List. 

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