EverTrue Lists

What are EverTrue Lists?

EverTrue Lists are a great way to save a group of constituents for easy reference or help collaborate with a colleagues on any project. For example, if you’re prepping for a specific Facebook campaign or planning an event, begin by populating a list of constituents you're interested in. At any point, you can invite another EverTrue user within your organization to help out by adding them as a list collaborator so they can view, edit, or add notes to that list.

Learn more about Lists and Saved Searches or drill down into the differences between the two here!

Lists are as easy as pie...

  • Create a new List from anywhere in EverTrue
  • Add a prospect to a List right from your search results or their profile
  • Learn about recommended prospects who are similar to those in your List
  • Quickly add collaborators to your list for joint efforts
  • Leave comments or notes on a List to dive deeper with your colleagues

Use your Lists when and how you want – from your desktop or mobile device!

  • View a saved List on both EverTrue web and your mobile device
  • Export any List to a CSV
  • Delete a List when it is no longer needed

Automatically stay up-to-date on your prospects

  • You will receive a notification when a prospect on a List likes a Facebook post

Sharing your List

  • Need to share one of your lists with another colleague? Looking to collaborate on a list of prospects? Just add another EverTrue user to any list you've created. Click here for more information.

Wondering how other customers are using lists? Click here for examples!