My Top Fields

In EverTrue, you can now customize your Top Fields per user! On a constituent profile in the Constituent Info tab, your My Top Fields section allows you to choose at most 5 fields to display directly on the constituent profile in an easy to locate card. To set up and/or edit your Top Fields, click Customize in the upper-right corner. 

Within the "Customize Top Fields" pop-up, you will see a list of all available fields for selection. To add a field, simply drag it from the left and drop it on the right side under  Active. (Note, if you already have 5 active top fields, you will not be able to drag and drop other fields until you remove at least one.) 

To remove a field, you can either drag and drop it from the right side to left or select the X icon to the right of the active field. Remember, to hit Save for your changes to be applied. You can customize up to 5 fields!