The EverTrue Constituent Profile

Get to quickly know our main Constituent Profile layout by watching this video! 

A Quick Snapshot

Right at the top, you’ll see a profile image, constituent information, links to the alum’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages (if matched), giving information, and assigned solicitors. 
Use the “Actions” button to add this person to a list in EverTrue, record an interaction, and more.

EverTrue Info vs. Your Data

EverTrue gives you a better understanding of every constituent by bringing in information via best-in-class integrations. We’ll display the logo of the data source next to the info on the constituent’s profile. See an example of career data from LinkedIn below.

Giving Information

In this section, you’ll see giving trends over time. You can also drill down to see additional details or switch the data to a table view.


You can quickly look at any interactions logged in EverTrue or contact reports from your database. If you click “view all,” you’ll see all interactions and can then quickly sort by type.


Get a snapshot of this person’s engagement with your institution. If the person is matched on Facebook, you’ll see a history of their likes and comments on any page you’re tracking. If you’re using EverTrue’s integrations with Facebook Events or Eventbrite, you’ll also see event attendance in this section. And you can see how often the person uses your EverTrue Alumni Community. We roll up all the details in a quick overview of engagement, then allow you to drill down for more details.

More Hotness

Use the integrations with Zillow and the U.S. Census Bureau to see great wealth indicators like home value and neighborhood median income. We’ll also display similar constituents, which helps you to quickly identify other potential donors or volunteers. And we’ll help you map relationships by showing you any LinkedIn connections you share with this constituent.

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