EverTrue FAQ: Features & Collaboration

What are the best ways to collaborate in EverTrue?

Within EverTrue, there are currently two main avenues for collaboration, lists and comments. See below for more information on both.  

Can I share a list with other users?

Absolutely! EverTrue’s List Sharing feature allows you to collaborate with your team more effectively. Share a list with your colleague to have them add, edit, review, etc. Learn more here.

Can I mention and/or tag my colleagues or other constituents in comments?

Yes. To tag a colleague, either select “Mention a Colleague” and enter their name or simply type “@” followed by the person’s name and select the correct user.

To link to another constituent’s record, either select “Link to a Constituent” and enter their name or simply type “$” followed by the person’s name and select the correct constituent.

What is the EverTrue Score?

EverTrue Score is a predictive donor score that helps frontline fundraisers more effectively prioritize constituent outreach. We use anonymized, cross-institutional data from hundreds of customers to determine how aspects of constituents’ profiles predict giving likelihood and expected gift value.

How is the EverTrue Score calculated?

The EverTrue Score is a dynamic calculation between 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest). It is calculated from several scoring dimensions, in two broad categories:

  1. Donor Fit: Describes the extent to which a constituent looks like other proven donors, factoring key demographic and professional information — like top industry data from LinkedIn.
  2. Donor Activity: Describes whether a constituent has exhibited behaviors that are predictive of giving, factoring constituent giving history and social network activity — including Facebook engagement.

A constituent’s EverTrue Score is dynamic and can change daily based on changes to the underlying data. For example, if a constituent changes jobs or likes a Facebook post, they may be re-scored. It is percentile ranked (a score of 4 means that the constituent ranks in the fourth quintile, or 61st - 80th percentile).

How do I edit my notification settings for a saved segments?

To access your notification settings, go to the dropdown user menu in the top right corner of your screen (by clicking on your name). Select Settings and navigate to the Notifications tab. Here you can see all of your Saved Segments and manage your notification settings for each segment individually. Learn more here.

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