Online Giving: FAQ on Pages & Setup

How many giving pages can we have in EverTrue?   

There is no limit to the number of giving pages you can create!

How do I find/see all of my pages? 

To see all of your giving pages, go to the  Giving Pages section in your EverTrue left-side menu.

How do I create another page?

To create another page, go to the  Giving Pages, open the Actions dropdown menu in the top-right corner, and click "Create New Page." For more information, click here

How do I change the default page?

Navigate to setup/details for the giving page you wish to make default. Open up the Actions dropdown menu and select "Set This Page as Default."

How do I archive a page?

Navigate to the setup/details for the giving page you wish to archive. Open up the Actions dropdown menu and select "Archive This Page."

Can I test my page? 

Absolutely! Once a page is created, it is in Test Mode by default. This means that you can easily test out the donation process without actually processing a credit card. Follow the instructions  here to get started! Note that once a page is live, it cannot be changed back to Test Mode. 

Who can create a giving page? 

Only EverTrue  Owners (Admins) can create giving pages.

Can we use a custom URL for our giving pages?

EverTrue only allows you to customize the end string of your URL when you initially set the Page Name. However, some of our customers have created a custom URL with their IT team and then asked that the custom URL direct to the EverTrue giving page URL.

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