Online Giving: Gift Tracking and Matching

How Matching Works

There are three mechanisms EverTrue uses for matching a donor to a known constituent:

  1. Personalized Give URL - When creating a Give Appeal, EverTrue provides a unique, personal URL (pURL) for each constituent in the appeal. This pURL points directly to the giving page you designated in the creation your appeal and contains the constituent's unique Give Tracker code. When a constituent uses their pURL, EverTrue can track their interactions with the related giving page. Any email you send to solicit gifts from a constituent should include their pURL. Then, when the constituent clicks that link and hits your giving page, EverTrue is able to (silently) match the visitor to a constituent record.

    If a visitor enters an email in the (Stripe) donation form, but does not use a pURL and does not complete the gift, we are unable to track the visitor and make a match. 
  2. Email - After a gift has been completed and processed, if the donor entered an email that matches any of the emails we have on file for your organization, we will make a match.
  3. Manual Matching - For gifts that are either not automatically matched or matched to the wrong constituent, an EverTrue user can manually match that gift to a constituent record and/or manually un-match any gift that was automatically or manually matched. E.g. John Smith makes gift but it gets matched to Jane Smith because they share an email in the database. For more information on manual matching, click here!

Last Match Wins

In the (edge) case that a donor uses a pURL then enters a different contact’s email address while completing their donation, EverTrue relies on the "Last Match Wins" rule, i.e. an email match will trump a pURL match if both occur. 

Match Types

The following match types and scenarios are possible. All types and scenarios assume that the donation was completed.

  1. Email Match: No tracker (pURL) was used, but the donor entered an email that we were able to match to a EverTrue contact.
  2. Email & Tracker: Both matching mechanisms were used and are consistent, i.e. the same contact matches both the email entered and the tracker used.
  3. Tracker: A tracker (pURL) was used, but the email entered by the donor did not match any EverTrue contact. In this case, the donor is matched solely based on the gift tracker/pURL contact. This is either a chance for data uplift (capturing a new email for a donor) or a misused tracker.
  4. Match Discrepancy: The tracker (pURL) was visited and matches ContactA, but the email entered for the gift matches ContactB. This most likely means that a tracker/pURL was misused or shared by constituents. (However, it is also technically possible that the email on ContactB should have actually been on ContactA and this was just misplaced data on the records.)
  5. Manual: An EverTrue User from your organization manually matched that gift to a record in the database.
  6. No Match
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