Online Giving: Dashboard Overview Tab

Within the Giving Dashboard, the Overview tab displays a detailed visitors conversion bar graph, providing insights into exactly who visited your page, started the form, and finally gave a gift. It also breaks out your giving pages and designations by number of gifts and amount raised.

Make sure to pay attention to the pages and timeframe filtering when viewing anything in the Giving Dashboard. More information can be found here.


  • Hover over any section of the bar graph to display the number & percentage of visitors that meet that criteria.
  • Check out the "Visit to Gift Rate" and "Total Dollars Raised" stats to the right of the graph!
  • Hit "Refresh" in the upper-right corner to get real time stats if you're in the middle of a day of giving. Otherwise, the graph will update itself periodically. 

Giving Pages and Designations

Click on the Gifts or Amount Raised headers to sort the table ascending or descending based on either one of those values!

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