Online Giving: Dashboard

EverTrue provides several different views for reporting on your giving pages, how they are performing, and the gifts that are rolling in! To take a look, head on over to your  Giving Dashboard in EverTrue! This is a great place to...

  • Understand your conversion rate(s) on a micro or macro level, i.e. how effectively are you converting visitors to donors?
  • Determine re-targeting opportunities for potential donors that are "stuck in the funnel."
  • Review and manage all incoming donations and their associate constituent record in EverTrue. 

Pages & Timeframe

First things first - on every tab in the Giving Dashboard, you'll have the option to adjust your selected pages and timeframe. This allows you to view data on all of your pages or just a single one. Additionally, you can view data over "All Time" or narrow it down to a specific date range. 

Use the dropdown menu under the "Giving Dashboard" title to select your pages. Note the "View Test Pages" or "View Live Pages" option near the bottom of the dropdown. Once you've selected the pages you're interested in, hit Apply!  To adjust the timeframe you're viewing, open the dropdown in the upper right corner and select your desired custom range or one of our preset ranges. 

Giving Dashboard Tabs

For more information on the tabs within the Giving Dashboard, click below:

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