SFTP Troubleshooting

If your institution is sending files to EverTrue via SFTP and you have encountered a hiccup, please review the following items to get your automated data imports back up and running.

  1. Is your file in Console? Go to Console --> Import to see if there is a recent file pending and not processed. If so...
    • Have the headers in your file changed? Unrecognized Mapping IDs* will turn off auto-processing in Console.
    • Check with your Customer Success Manager or our Customer Support team (genius@evertrue.com) to make sure that automated imports have been enabled.
  2. Double-check the process you use to send your institution's data file to EverTrue. Is it still creating and sending new files?  
    • Is the process of creating a new CSV file export from your CSM still functioning?
    • Is the process of delivering that new CSV file export from your CSM to EverTrue (via SFTP) still functioning?
  3. If none of the above resolve the issue, please contact our Customer Support team at genius@evertrue.com.

*Mapping IDs are EverTrue's way of remembering your previously mapped fields for future imports. Mapping IDs are unique to a particular file format, i.e. field headers and ordering. If we do not have a Mapping ID for the file you are importing, auto-processing with be turned off.