REDS Troubleshooting

If your institution is sending data to EverTrue using our Raiser's Edge Data Shuttle (REDS) and you have encountered a hiccup, please review the following items to get your automated data imports back up and running.

  1. Have your Raiser’s Edge credentials changed recently?  
    • Many RE instances are configured to force password resets once a month.
    • To restart REDS, open up the REDS application and, when prompted, update the RE username and password associated with REDS.
    • As a long-term solution, ask your RE Admin if they can set up a user whose password does not expire.
  2. REDS keeps log files. If there was a failure at some point in the REDS data process, there is a good chance it will be documented in your log file. You can lookup your log files here: c:\Users\{user}\AppData\Local\EverTrue\REDataShuttle.
  3. REDS auto-updates. Confirm that you are using the latest version of REDS; each line of the log file should begin with “REDS v1.0.XX”, referencing the version number. We are currently running REDS v1.0.103 (as of 11/1/16).

  4. Check out the Windows Task Scheduler logs.
    • Are there errors in your Windows Task Scheduler?
    • Does the scheduled time overlap with server restarts or other jobs? If so, you may want to adjust the timings, either moving REDS or moving the other jobs/tasks. 
  5. Sometimes things just need to be turned off and back on again. Give one of the following a try.
    • Uninstall and reinstall REDS, making sure the Windows Task is deleted and also rescheduled.
    • If you created an RE User specifically for use in REDS, try deleting and recreating that Raiser's Edge user.  
  6. Unsure about how to try any of these steps? You have tried and REDS still does not seem to be working? Contact our Customer Support team at

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