Search Strategy: Create Your Go-To Lists in EverTrue

Tactic: Use EverTrue search filters to easily find information in your database and save it for easy access in the future. 

In EverTrue, you can easily create a list of all constituents who meet certain criteria. Search and save lists of alumni or parents by class. If volunteers are flagged in your database, you can build and save lists of these people by role. The same goes for trustees, former trustees, or alumni association directors – find them and save them in a list. 

You can then regularly re-visit each list for contact information, to see if they’ve given recently, keep an eye on job transitions or changes of address, and more. 

Bonus: Collaborate with your colleagues on lists within EverTrue. If you want to put together a list of potential reunion volunteers, panelists for an event, young alumni to watch, etc, you can create that list and then share it with your co-workers . They’ll be able to add other people to that list, as well. It’s a great way to work together quickly and efficiently.

Using the filter tool, we created a list of all our constituents who graduated in 1985.

Results: No more printouts on your desk that are out-of-date as soon as they’re created.

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