Alumni Community - Design Elements (Web & Mobile)

We are excited to announce our new Admin site for managing your Alumni Community!

Here, you can control the Design of your Alumni Community products. Just log into Console, select the Setup or Design tab in the left navigation, and follow the prompts to enter the Admin site. From there you can work your way through theAccount and Design sections.

Design - Color

Web Accent Color - This color appears on the log-in page of your Web Community and on other buttons throughout the product. This should be your main brand color. We accept HEX value or RGB value. 

Mobile Accent Color - This color appears in the header and footer of the mobile app. This should be your main brand color. We accept HEX value or RGB value. Please do not use white.


Web Header Logo - This logo will appear on top of a white header in your web Community. Note, this is not a banner that stretches across the entire header bar, but rather a logo that appears on the left-hand side of the header bar. Image requirements: Must be 430px width x 64px height. We accept .jpg, .jpeg, or .png. 

Mobile Header Logo - This logo will appear on the top header bar of your Community app, layered over your mobile app color. Image Requirements: 430 px width x 64px height. Must be a transparent .png file.

App Icon (Premium Customers Only) - This icon will represent your organization in the app store and appear on your constituent's mobile devices. Image requirements: 1024px width x 1024px height. Please note this is not a transparent image. 


Homepage Image - This image will appear on the login screen of your web Community. We recommend a high-resolution image of alumni, campus, or your mascot! Image requirements: 480px width x 480px height. We accept .jpg, .jpeg, or .png.

Map Pins - You are able to customize map pins, which indicate where constituents are located on the map view of the mobile app. We offer a default image for use, or you may customize your own. Image requirements: 64px width x 64px height. Must be a transparent .png file. 

Launch Screens (Premium Customers Only)

Launch Screens are pages that appear on the mobile app during the loading process. We require four different sizes to accommodate different sized screens. 

Default Phone (Portrait) - Image requirements: 640px width x 960px height. Must be a .png file.

iPhone (Portrait) - Image requirements: 1080px width x 1920px height. Must be a .png file.

Tablet Screen (Portrait) - Image requirements: 2048px width x 2732px height. Must be a .png file.

Tablet Screen (Landscape) - 2732px width x 2048px height. Must be a .png file. 

Notes on Android vs. iOS
We optimize our graphics for iOS devices.  iOS apps are built with 100% predictability of design and display rendering. Android devices, however, are more fragmented.  Android apps are built with flexible layouts and variable screen widths in mind.  We're able to extract all the Android design assets needed from the iOS images you upload. It's important to note that Android apps (from any app publisher) will often vary slightly in how they appear from device to device.

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