Console: Content

Connect all social networks and external websites to your EverTrue Alumni Directory in Console >> Content!  All content displays in the app, allowing your users quick and easy access.


  • Twitter
  • Facebook*
  • Vimeo
  • Youtube
  • Flickr
  • Smugmug

Maximum of 5 social networks.

*To include your Facebook page within the app, the page's privacy settings need to be set so that the page is public.  Here is a helpful article showing how your privacy settings should be configured: Public Facebook Pages.


Custom content is where we encourage our customers to include links to any external sites they think their constituents are interested in.  For example, your alumni home page, school website, giving page*, etc.

Don't see your social network above?  Add a custom link to add it to your community!

Maximum of 4 custom content links.

*Note that all donation pages must open outside of the EverTrue Community app.

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