Functionality: Mentorship

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Your Alumni Community is a great tool for helping alums network and find mentors. But how does an alum know if someone is willing to be a mentor, and how can an alum raise their hand to say they'd be willing to offer their services to others? 

Now your alums can self-identify as a mentor right within your Alumni Community! EverTrue's mentor flag is an opt-in feature that lets your alums self-identify as willing to mentor others.

How it works...

After logging into your Alumni Community on the web or their mobile device, an alumni user can navigate to their profile settings and select to become a mentor.

(On your iOS device, user settings can be found on the menu page by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner.)

Once enabled, a tag will be shown on the user's profile to indicate they are willing to be a mentor. This same flag will be shown when other users are searching and filtering within the application. 

Speaking of filtering ... The filter "Mentor?" will now be available as an option for alums to apply when searching the app. What a great way to find someone in both your industry and location to connect with!

At any time, a user can go back into their profile settings and choose to remove or re-add the mentor tag to their profile. 

A few important things to note...

  • If you do not want to use the mentorship feature in your Alumni Community, simply contact and we can disable it for you.
  • Once a user has opted into being a mentor, an email is triggered to all admins whose emails are listed in Console >> Notifications for "Suggested Update Requests." However, mentorship will not be recorded in Console under Reporting >> Suggested Updates at this time.

And just so you're not in the dark...

With the mentorship feature being a new release as of June 2017, we are aware that there are a few things that it is not currently capable of. In transparency, we wanted to let you know. However, we are always looking for your feedback on new features and interested in what you'd like to see down the line, so please don't hesitate to contact us at 

  • Historical mentorship indicators or data cannot be ingested into your Community.
  • There is currently no reporting or exports of this mentor data.
  • Admins cannot adjust or edit mentorship flags.
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