Alumni Community FAQ

How do users sign up?

Signing up for your alumni directory is a breeze for your users! Click here to view a detailed article on how users can sign up/log in and get some helpful tips on user moderation.

How do I approve new login requests in Console?

EverTrue has made approving new user login requests simple.  Go to New User Requests in Console, locate the user request that you are attempting to approve, and click “View.” On the right side of the screen you can search your records for the correct constituent. Select the appropriate record and match it to the user using the green “Match Record” button located at the bottom of the page. 

If a constituent signs up using an email not in our database, will we be notified?

Yes. In Console, under Notifications, your organization can set notifications for Invalid Email Login Attempts. Any administrator of your Directory can receive these notifications. This notification will alert you to any user attempt with an unrecognized email.

The user will also receive a notice that their acceptance to the Directory is pending. Once approved, they will receive another notification that they have been granted access. If you deny a user access, they will not receive a notification. Please reach out to them individually to address any concerns, if necessary.

For additional assistance, please view our  User Moderation video.

Can a user have more than one login email?

No. Like most online platforms, your users will be required to set a unique username/email and password to access your community. Whether they create a new set of credentials or login using LinkedIn, only one email can be used to access the app. If they wish to change their login email, please follow the steps listed  here.

Can I reset my Console password?

Yes. Go to Console, select your organization from the dropdown menu, type in your email, and select “Forgot your password? Reset here.” Follow the prompts to set your new password, making sure to check your junk/spam folder for the reset password email if you cannot locate it in your inbox. Once your password is set, return to Console and log in.

As a reminder, if you are an admin of your community, you can use your Console credentials to access the app. You can also reset your password inside of the application.

How do I add or remove admins from Console?

To add or remove admins from Console, please contact Support ( or your Customer Success Manager. EverTrue will take care of everything for you! If adding a new admin, once given permission, they will receive an email to set a password.

How do I change my admin notification settings?

Notification settings can be managed in Console, under Notifications. Any email added must belong to an administrator of your Community.

What do I need to do to launch my community and make it public?

After onboarding, your community will be ready to launch at anytime. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more tips and tricks on launching successfully to your community. Also, don’t forget to request the removal of your app key so that your constituents can easily access your community.

What are the three highest rated features of the app?

1. EverTrue’s map feature helps constituents feel like they are part of a Community. For constituents who have recently moved to a new city and are looking to connect, the Alumni Community serves as a place for rekindling friendships and making new ones. 

2. The networking capability is a huge asset when on the job hunt, especially the Professionals to Know feature. 

3. Lastly, the app makes it easy for constituents to keep in touch with one another if they lose addresses and phone numbers of their peers.

How do we invite users to join our community?

One of the main ways we suggest engaging your non-user constituents is through email. A report of all non-users can be found in Console under Reporting. Email is the best way to attract a large number of users in a short period of time.

Many organizations use the following language to help introduce the app -  Benefits of an EverTrue Community.

In addition, EverTrue has a wealth of strategies for growing your user base. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Is there a way to directly invite users to join our community through the app?

Yes. Any user can invite another constituent to join the app directly through the app. Simply click “Invite to app” on another constituent’s profile, and EverTrue provides an email for the user to send. This email can also be customized directly in the app by the user.

Does EverTrue’s Community work outside the United States?

Yes. The app can be used all over the world - all you need is wifi.

What are the main differences between the Community apps and the Console website?

The EverTrue Community app is currently only available on a mobile device. EverTrue’s  Console is a management platform for you community, which is located on the web. Console is where you can upload your data, customize the app, manage users, etc.

Is there a landing page we can direct our users to?

A link to a unique EverTrue landing page for your organization can be found in  Console under "Marketing Resources” - just copy the “URL to Share.”

Can I edit records in Console?

No. Our customers asked us to help all staff follow best practice and edit data in their core institutional database (rather than in the EverTrue Console). If you need to quickly change a constituent’s address, email, etc., please make those updates in your core database and then complete an import of those updated records.

If your imports are scheduled to run automatically (via  S FTP), simply make those changes in your database and wait for the next import to process. Immediately following, you will see those changes reflected in Console.

How do I suppress a constituent’s profile or piece of their profile?

If an alum has requested a suppression via either the "Suggest an Update" button at the bottom of their profile or directly through your organization, you can fulfill those requests via Console or a data refresh.

In Console, simply find the constituent record you are looking for via the Constituent Records tab and click “Edit Visibility” next to the appropriate piece of information. Toggle the dropdown menu to “Hidden” and confirm with “Submit.” If you need to hide a constituent’s entire profile, use the “Edit Visibility” button near the top of the record, next to “Profile Visibility.”

For more information on user privacy and hidden data, visit  Community User Privacy & Hidden Data .

Can a constituent remove themselves from the app?

Alums cannot remove or delete themselves from the app. They can request to have their entire record hidden, making their profile no longer visible to or searchable by other users.* This does not prevent that user from continuing to use the app if they wish.

If for some reason your organization needs to permanently delete a record from the database, please contact for more information.

*Remember, any administrator of your community will still be able to view all suppressed data.

Why can I still see suppressed/hidden information?

As an administrator of your community, you will be able to see all suppressions. Those suppressions will be marked as follows in the app:

  • Full profile suppressions will be marked with a red status bar located at the top of a constituent’s profile.
  • Suppressed information will be grayed out and labeled with a "not visible" symbol.

For more information, check out  Community User Privacy & Hidden Data.

How do I create a new custom field?

Please reach out to with the name of the custom field and the formatting of field you would like. The formatting options for custom fields are: text, date, number, money and yes/no.

Can I change the label on my custom field?

Yes. Just go into Console and navigate to the Configure Custom Fields section located in the left hand menu. From there, find the custom field you are looking for and edit the label. Just remember to save any and all changes made. Custom fields are alpha-numerically ordered in the platform using the label name.

Can I turn my custom fields on/off at anytime?

Yes. To enable or disable a custom field, go to the Configure Custom Fields section of Console. When powering a custom field off, no extra work is needed. Simply toggle off and save. If you are powering a custom field on for the first time, make sure to contact your onboarding specialist or for further support in making this enabled custom field visible to the right user base.

If at any point you are not seeing a custom field that you have enabled and uploaded data for, please contact

Note, if you choose to delete a custom field instead of turning it off, make sure to only delete custom fields you never plan to reimplement in the future.

How do I navigate to settings in the app?

In the app, you can access settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of the menu page.

How do I logout of the app?

To logout, click settings, which is the gear icon located in the top right corner of the menu page, and select “Log Out.”

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