Adding Staff, Faculty, and Board Member Users

If you are interested in allowing your staff, faculty, or board members to access your Community, choose one of the two methods below to get started.

  1. If you need to add a large number of staff or board members to your community, consider adding them in your next import file. This will create records for those members and allow them access the app, simulating the alumni experience. From there, to access the application they should follow the same authentication and login process as an alumni would. Note, if you add staff or board members via an import, you will need to continue including them in any future full data imports so that their records remain in EverTrue. 
  2. If you only need to add a handful of staff or board members to your community, you can manually add them by going to Console >> Constituent Records >> "Create New Constituent Record." Simply add the person's name and email, then select "Alumni" as their role to allow them to view the app from the perspective of an alum. (Do not select any other roles unless otherwise directed by an EverTrue support member.) In this case, do not include these records in any imports to EverTrue.

    Adding a record manually will generate an ID number for that record in EverTrue, which differs from the record ID number in your database. Therefore, any subsequent data imports should not include those constituents, as this will create duplicate records for that constituent in EverTrue. In general, avoid adding constituents in Console that you also plan to include in your data import at any time.
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