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A major benefit of your Alumni Community is providing users a way to see their record information and send you updates at any time! This all happens in your Community through what EverTrue calls Suggested Updates. Alums can send requests for updates directly to your organization via their iOS or Android device, and now even their web browser. 

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Submitting a Suggested Update

EverTrue is in the business of making sure you have the most up-to-date information on your constituents. So what better way to get accurate information than from the alumni themselves? At any time an alumni user can click to "Update their Profile" and send along new information to your organization. 

In the mobile applications (iOS and Android), this button appears at the bottom of any constituent profile. It opens up a free text box that allows the user to submit any information that they need to deliver to the organization. 

Within the web version, a similar button appears on a constituent's profile and in their user dropdown menu. This module lets the alums send more categorized updates, plus any additional information they need you to know. 

In addition to biographical information, often alums will submit requests to hide certain pieces of their profile via the Suggest an Update feature. Please make sure to respect and fulfill these requests as soon as possible. Privacy requests can be fulfilled either through an import of data using  EverTrue's "IsShared" fields or directly in Console

Accepting a Suggested Update

Once an alum submits a suggested update, anyone's email listed under Suggested Update Request in Console >>  Notifications will get an email with...

  1. Who submitted the update
  2. Whose profile the update was for
  3. The information submitted

In addition, all suggested updates will be stored in Console under Suggested Updates in  Reporting and be exportable. In this table, you'll see two separate columns: Suggestion and Suggested Updates. Items under "Suggestion" come from either the iOS or Android application. Anything under Suggested Updates comes directly from your web application.

Make sure to note the timestamp dropdown in the upper right if you're looking to see updates coming in from a more recent timeframe or the past year.

Note, if using the Mentorship feature, notifications will be sent to the same admins managing suggested updates. However, mentorship will not be tracked in Console under Reporting >> Suggested Updates at this time.   

Our Suggestion for Handling Updates

When an update is received, we suggest that the person or team in charge of these updates validate and implement them in a timely manner. 

Create an internal system to ensure all updates are properly reviewed and added to your database. All updates should first be entered into your organization's core database, which will then flow into EverTrue on the next data import.

If you're not sure about the information provided, never hesitate to reach out to the constituent. They reached out to you first, so no harm in a little communication to verify. And hey, who knows? It might start a great conversation!

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