Can a user have more than one login e-mail?

No. Your users will be required to set a unique username/email and password to access your community. Whether they create a new set of credentials or login using LinkedIn, only one email can be used to access your community. If they wish to change their login email, please follow the steps below:

  1. Have the user attempt to login to the community using their desired login email.
  2. Go to New User Request in Console, find the user request that you are attempting to approve, and click “View.”
  3. Locate the correct constituent record for that user. You will notice a green label next to that constituent’s name notifying you that this record was previously matched to another user.
    • In this case, you will be overriding that previous match.
  4. Select that constituent record and match it to the user using the green “Match Record” button located at the bottom of the page. Follow all prompts to proceed and approve match.
    • This step will remove the previously matched user email and associate the constituent record with the new desired login email.

That's it! The user will now be set to log in with their new desired email, and only that email.

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