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To access your Alumni Community on either their mobile device or web browser, every alum is required to sign up. From the administrative side, it is important to understand the entire flow, from start to finish. 

Below you'll find everything you need to know about a new user signing up for your Community, including how to approve new users who were not automatically recognized. This article shows the Web Community sign up flow - if you're looking for the Mobile Community sign up flow, click here

Initial Sign Up

When a new user comes to your Community, they are given the option to sign up with either LinkedIn or Email/Password.   

Email and Password

When a new user selects "Sign Up with Email" they will be asked to enter their name, email, and choose a password. Once submitted, they will receive the following email to verify ownership of their email username:

The user will receive the below email asking them to activate their account.  The email will come from:  From: with the subject line of Subject: Confirm your email address.

The user must verify their email by clicking the link provided in that email in order to proceed.The user will then have to wait until they are accepted into the Community.


After verifying their email or entering with LinkedIn, one of the following will occur: 

  • If the email the user provided matches an email on one of your constituent records, they are immediately allowed to join the community.
  • If the email the user provided does not match an email on one of your constituent records, they are asked to enter some additional (optional) information, which will allow your staff to more easily identify them during the matching process (described below).

  • After doing so, they will receive the following email confirmation that their request is pending

Internal Alert

After their submission, any email address listed in Console --> Notifications under "Invalid Login Email Attempts" will receive an email in the following format:

"{{user_name}} has requested access to the {{organization_name}} community. The user has specified their email address as {{user_email}}. We were not able to find a match for this email address in your constituent data. Please verify their identity now. If you need more verification information please contact the user directly."

This alert should prompt you to log into Console and moderate any requesting user through the "New User Requests" tab. Please review all requests, ask for additional information from the constituent (via email) if needed, and then either approve or deny access.

To approve a user, simply find the record that matches the user attempting to access your community and select the green "Match Record" button near the bottom of the screen. 

Once approved and matched, the user will receive another email notifying them that they can now access your community! They can then choose to go back to your Community via their mobile device or web browser.  The email will appear with the below details:

From: EverTrue <>

Subject: Welcome to the [organization name] community! 

Note, if a constituent's request is denied, they do not receive an additional email from EverTrue. If you choose, you can follow up individually in these cases.

Other Info

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