Management: Supporting Your Users

As an EverTrue Customer, we will always support your institution and staff as you work to support your alumni. This means that while we prefer and ask that we work primarily through you and your institution, we will do our best to support any alumni who contacts us directly.

In managing your Alumni Community application, we ask that your institution commits to supporting your constituents in their use of the platform(s). If an issue arises that needs to be escalated, EverTrue's Support Team will gladly assist. To escalate an issue, reach out to and feel free to include the alum on that interaction if desired. From there, EverTrue can either resolve the issue through you or communicate directly with the alum, always keeping your institution in the loop as we go.

Note that the application's built-in support button goes directly to the school's listed support email, setup in Console --> Notifications. However, alumni users sometimes find EverTrue's contact email. In the case they reach out to us directly, we will support them as best we can or direct them to your institution if it is an issue we don't manage. Those issues tend to be one of the following: 

  1. Accepting Pending User Requests
  2. General Constituent Record Information and Updates
  3. Data Visibility Preference Requests or Questions
  4. Questions about Institution Related Inquiries 

These are a few areas where we prefer to have your institution involved for accuracy, data integrity, and verification purposes.

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