About Community Web

What is Community Web?

Community Web is EverTrue’s well-known Alumni Community in a form that’s accessible from any desktop, tablet or mobile device. We built this web version of the product in response to demand from partners who loved the original Community App and wanted to offer the platform to their alumni body on every device.

What’s so special about Community Web (besides the fact that I can use it on any device)?

In addition to being incredibly useful on any device and showcasing current career information from LinkedIn, EverTrue has built a mentoring feature into the web and iOS versions of Community, with Android coming soon. 

Alumni can now indicate a willingness to mentor other graduates by updating their profile. Any alum who’s looking for a career mentor can search can then search your Community for mentors in their region or desired industry.  Learn more about how the mentorship features work.

If my organization already has a web directory, won’t alumni be confused by two web directories?

We recommend switching fully to EverTrue’s Web and App platforms. Not only are they far more mobile-friendly than other web-only directories, the enhanced profile information from LinkedIn makes this the most powerful alumni networking tool on the market. Also, it’s free for current Community customers! Why pay more for less?

But if you want to retain an existing, web-based directory, there are a number of ways you can use Community Web and avoid confusion:

  • If you want to keep your old directory and also use Community Web, you can promote the web-version of the EverTrue directory as a “web app” that works on any device for users who want to see the directory in their mobile or tablet browsers or use a non-iOS or Android device.
  • Position Community Web as a mentoring/networking platform for your alums. With the mentorship features and LinkedIn data, this is an especially useful tool for alumni who are new to a city, looking to progress in their careers, or looking for connections within their respective industry.
  • Use Community Web as an internal, user-friendly search tool for advancement staff. It’s like accessing your database for contact information, but it is much easier to use, accessible on any device, and contains career data that’s not in your records.

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