Supported Devices and Versions (Alumni Community)

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EverTrue always supports at least the current version of iOS and one previous version. Currently, we support iOS 8, 9, 10 and 11. We always recommend updating your iOS software for the best user experience (not only for EverTrue, but also for your iOS experience in general).


Because of the diverse ecosystem of Android manufacturers, carriers, and operating system versions, there will be slight variations in the look and feel, and functionality of an android app versus an iOS app. EverTrue currently supports Android versions 4.1.x and above.


EverTrue does not support Windows phones.  We currently only develop for iOS and Android.

What version am I using?

Every update to the Community app will have a version number associated with it. Telling EverTrue what version of the app you are running will help us when troubleshooting bugs and gathering feature requests!

You can determine what version you are running by heading over to the Settings page in your app. Settings can be found by clicking the gear icon at the top right of the sidebar navigation. The version number will be listed at the bottom of that page. E.g. "Build: 3.1.36”.

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